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Sunflower 'Chocolate Cherry'

70 seeds. Helianthus annuus. Annual.


Sunflower 'Chocolate Cherry' has 6-inch velvety flowers of the deepest red with an occasional yellow reverse. Your friends will not believe that sunflowers could be this dark. Unlike the sunflower 'Taiyo' which usually has one large bloom, Chocolate Cherry will have multiple flowers on the same plant throughout the season.


To save seeds from Chocolate Cherry, cut the seed heads off of the plant when the seeds start to become loose. Dry the heads indoors for a few weeks. Then rub two dried sunflower heads together to release the seeds. Small birds enjoy this sunflower for its little tasty seeds.


Height 6 feet. Spacing 18 inches.


Sowing Sunflower seeds:


Sow seeds outdoors after the last frost date, 1 inch deep. Full sun.

Sunflower 'Chocolate Cherry'

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