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Chervil, Winter

130 seeds. 60 Days. Anthriscus cerefolium. Annual.


Winter Chervil has feathery leaves with a delicate anise flavor that is lovely as a garnish. It is often used in mild cooking such as fish and chicken dishes and for béarnaise sauce. It is a classic French herb. Unfortunately, the flavor is lost when the leaves are dried, so enjoy them fresh. Harvest leaves before it flowers for best flavor.


Winter Chervil is a cool weather crop and can be sown in succession until summer. It needs plenty of light to germinate.


Height 20 inches. Spacing 6-12 inches.


Sowing Winter Chervil Seeds 


Direct sow seeds outdoors on the surface of the soil in early spring. Thin to 6-12 inches apart with rows 12 inches apart. Full sun or part shade.

Chervil, Winter

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