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Melon 'Prescott Fond Blanc'

20 Seeds. 70 Days. Cucumis melo. Annual.


Melon 'Prescott Fond Blanc' is one of the most unique melons I have grown. Our neighbors and friends all thought we were growing pumpkins! 


Prescott Fond Blanc has 5–9 pound bumpy fruit with smooth, sweet flesh that is not fibrous like some melons. Its firm flesh does not go mushy after being cut up, making it good for fruit salad. This pre-1860s French heirloom is ripe when the rind turns butter yellow.


Sowing Melon Seeds:


Sow seeds outdoor after the last frost date, 1/2 inch deep. Sow in hill spaced 6 feet apart and thin to 3 plants per hill. Alternatively, sow in rows spaced two feet apart. Full sun.

Melon 'Prescott Fond Blanc'

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