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Turnip 'Purple Top White Globe'

520 seeds. 55 days. Brassica rapa. Biennial.


Turnip 'Purple Top White Globe' has white roots with a purple blush at the base where the leafy stems meets the roots. It is usually eaten when it is 3–4 inches in diameter. I like to boil shreaded turnips and then stirfry them with onions and spices. Boiling the turnips first will take out some of the strong mustard flavor. My sister prefers to pickle the turnips, as it reminds her of the pickles roots she ate in Japan.


I grew Purple Top White Globe for the first time in 2022, and I fell in love with how vigorously they grew with little effort on my part. Purple Top White Globe is a traditional storage turnip.


Sowing Turnip Seeds: 


Sow seeds outdoors 3 weeks before the last frost date, 1/4 inch deep. Seeds can be sown in late summer up to 10 weeks before the first fall frost. Thin to 6 inches apart in rows 18 inches apart. Full Sun. 

Turnip 'Purple Top White Globe'

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