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Squash 'Sweet Dumpling'

30 seeds. 95 days. Cucurbita pepo.


If you are looking for a cute and decorative squash, look no further than Sweet Dumpling. Squash 'Sweet Dumpling' produces cream-colored miniature pumpkins with green ribs.


Because of the its small size at 1/2 to 1 pound each, it can be grown on a trellis. This Native American heirloom matures early and is productive. The squash does not need to be cured and stores for about 3-4 months.


Sweet Dumpling deserves its name. When it is baked it reminds me of caramel. It is one of the few squashes I recommend baking and eating with butter and salt without further preparation. 


Sowing Squash Seeds:


Sow seeds in hills 1 inch deep after the last frost date.  Space hills 4–6 feet apart. Thinned to 2 plants per hill. Full sun.

Squash 'Sweet Dumpling'

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