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Onion 'Red Beard Bunching'

230 seeds. 50-120 days. Allium fistulosum. Biennial.


Red Beard Bunching is a non-bulbing onion with long red and white stalks. Its mild flavor is great for all your green onion needs. I like sprinkling the minced onion on soup before serving.


The onions can be harvested the first year or overwintered where they will self-sow and multiply. You may leave the onions in the garden year-round and just harvest when needed. The stalk of the onion toughens when it blooms in late spring.


Sowing Bunching Onion Seeds:


Sow seeds 1/4 inch deep 4 weeks before the last frost date. Space onions 3 inches apart with 8 inches between the rows. Full sun to part shade.


Homegrown Seeds

Onion 'Red Beard Bunching'

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