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Melon 'Northern Arizona'

25 Seeds. 85 Days. Cucumis melo. Annual.


Melon 'Northern Arizona' has teardrop-shaped, orange-fleshed fruits that are 4 to 7 pounds. It is fragrant with a creamy texture. This very rare American heirloom was brought to Arizona by settlers.


We had an early frost with a few melons still on the vine, so we brought the unripe melons indooors to ripening on the counter. When we cut the melons open, we were surprised how they had ripened to have a very creamy texture. Our original seeds were purchased from John Jeavons years ago and grown in our gardens ever since.


Sowing Melon Seeds:


Sow seeds outdoor after the last frost date, 1/2 inch deep. Sow in hill spaced 6 feet apart and thin to 3 plants per hill. Alternatively, sow in rows spaced two feet apart. Full sun.


Photo courtesy of Diane's Flower Seeds

Melon 'Northern Arizona'

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