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Lettuce 'Tom Thumb'

235 seeds. 65 Days. Asteraceae lactuca sativa. Butterhead. Annual.


Lettuce 'Tom Thumb' is a small novelty lettuce that is the perfect size for two servings of salad. The bright green leaves are mild, thin, and curly. Tom Thumb grows loose, miniature heads that 6 inches in diameter. Eventually, it grows a lightly blanched inner core that is 2–3 inches in diameter.


This 1850s heirloom does not make a good cut and come again lettuce because it is low growing. We had a late spring hail storm in 2022 that tore apart our cabbages, but Tom Thumb was barely effected because of its growth habit.  


Sowing Lettuce Seeds:


Sow seeds on the surface of the soil in early spring and lightly cover with soil. Thin seedlings to 8 inches apart. Full sun to part shade.

Lettuce 'Tom Thumb'

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