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Kale 'Red Ursa'

150 seeds. 55 days. Brassica napus. Biennial.


Kale 'Red Ursa' has pinkish purple stems and ruffled green leaves. It was bred by the famous lettuce breeder Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seed. Red Ursa was developed by crossing Red Russian and Siberian Kale. It is a versatile vegetable that is good cooked as well as raw in salads. Occasionally, a white-stemmed plant appeared in our test patch.


Height 18–24 inches. Spacing 12 inches.


Sowing Kale Seeds:


Sow seeds outdoors 2–4 weeks before the last frost date to summer. Sow 1/4 inch deep. Full sun to part shade.

Kale 'Red Ursa'

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