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Ground Cherry 'Aunt Molly's'

50 seeds. 70 days. Physalis pruinosa. Tender perennial zone 8.


Ground cherry 'Aunt Molly's' has sweet, 1/2-inch diameter fruits in little lantern-like husks. The fruits of this Polish heirloom fall to the ground when ripe.


Ground cherries can be used to make preserves and pies because of their high pectin content, but we usually unwrap and eat them like candy in the garden. Also known as Cape Gooseberry. 


Spacing 24 inches.


Sowing Ground Cherry Seeds:


Start seeds indoors 1/4 inch deep 6–8 weeks before the last frost date. Transplant the seedlings 2 weeks after the last frost date spaced 24 inches apart. Full sun. 

Ground Cherry 'Aunt Molly's'

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