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Squash 'Pink Banana'

20 seeds. 110 days. Cucurbita maxima.


Squash 'Pink Banana' has large fruits that can weigh 25 pounds and up to 2 feet long. This American heirloom may even have fruits up to 50 pounds under the right conditions.


We tried growing some of these in poor rocky soil and still got a few 13-pound squash. We like to bake and blend this squash, then mix it into mashed potatoes or add it to muffin recipes. It is a good winter variety that can last 5 to 6 months in storage. 


Sowing Squash Seeds:


Sow seeds in hills 1 inch deep after the last frost date.  Space hills 4–6 feet apart. Thinned to 2 plants per hill. Full sun.

Squash 'Pink Banana'

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