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French Sorrel

300 seeds. Rumex acetosa. Perennial. 


French sorrel has tangy, lemon-flavored leaves in early spring. The leaves can be used to flavor soups or salad. Add to soup at the end of the cooking time for best flavor. Harvest French sorrel before the plants bolt. Also known as Garden sorrel. Self-sows. Zone 5–9.


I like to make a lightly flavored sorrel soup with milk or broth, sorrel, arrowroot powder to thicken, and butter. Sorrel is wonderful to have in early spring before the lettuce and radishes can be harvested.


Height 18 inches.


Sowing Sorrel Seeds:


Sow seeds outdoors 1/8 inch deep in late spring. Or start indoors 6 weeks before the last frost date and transplant after the last frost date. Full sun. 

French Sorrel

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