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Bean 'Arikara Yellow' (Bush)

40 seeds. 85 days. Phaseolus vulgaris. Bush. Dry, Snap.


Bean 'Arikara Yellow' is usually eaten as a dry bean, but can be eaten as a snap bean when it's young and green. The bean is a soft tan color with a dark eye. 


Arikara Yellow was a staple food of the the Arikara tribe of North Dakota. It is considered a Native American heirloom. The bean was first introduced to the public in the 1800s by the Oscar Will Seed company.


Sowing Bush Bean Seeds
Sow beans outdoors 2 weeks after the last frost date when the soil is warm. Sow 1 inch deep and 3 inches apart in rows spaced 2–3 feet apart. Full sun.

Bean 'Arikara Yellow' (Bush)

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