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Squash 'Waltham Butternut'

30 seeds. 110 days. Cucurbita moschata.


Squash 'Waltham Butternut' is an all-time favorite of ours for its long-term storage potential and sweet taste. It is light salmon-colored on the outside with orange flesh on the inside. The vines are resistant to squash vine borer.


This American heirloom was developed by Charles Leggett of Massachusetts and introduced in 1970. We have enjoyed it baked, in soup, and in pie. It can last until spring in storage.


Sowing Squash Seeds:


Sow seeds in hills 1 inch deep after the last frost date.  Space hills 4–6 feet apart. Thinned to 2 plants per hill. Full sun.

Squash 'Waltham Butternut'

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