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Squash 'Potimarron'

30 Seeds. 90 Days. Cucurbita maxima.


Potimarron produces attractive chestnut-shaped squash that are about 4 pounds each. This French heirloom has deep orange skin that deepens in color in storage. 


We were pleasantly surprised how productive Potimarron was for us in our zone 5 gardens. We made pumpkin curry with our harvest. Here is my recipe. Cook pealed and thinly sliced squash with onions, sweet peppers, butter, sour cream, honey and curry powder. Serve on brown rice. 


Sowing Squash Seeds:


Sow seeds in hills 1 inch deep after the last frost date.  Space hills 4–6 feet apart. Thinned to 2 plants per hill. Full sun.

Squash 'Potimarron'

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