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Papaver rupifragum 'Double Tangerine Gem'

4,000 seeds. Poppy. Zones 5–9. Perennial.


Papaver 'Double Tangerine Gem' has soft, orange, double flowers on long stems. The foliage is silver-blue and fuzzy. This poppy blooms in early summer and it grows well in rock gardens. Our plants thrive in the cracks between rocks.


Double Tangerine Gem is a hardy perennial in zones 5–9 and it can bloom the first year from seed. Also known as Spanish poppy, Orange Feathers, Tangerine Parfait, and Flore Pleno. Drought tolerant. Self-sows. Deer resistant.


Height 20 inches. Spacing 8 inches.


Sowing Papaver rupifragum 'Double Tangerine Gem' Seeds: 


Start indoors 8 weeks before the last frost date. Or sow outdoors in late spring Sow seeds on the surface and tamp down. Full sun.

Papaver rupifragum 'Double Tangerine Gem'

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