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Parsley 'Giant of Italy'

400 seeds. Petroselinum crispum var. neapolitanum. Biennial.


Parsley 'Giant of Italy' has decorative, flat leaves that are great for garnish, pesto, and sauces. The flat leaves are valued for their flavor over curly leaf parsley. Parsley is thought to improve the breath, like mint, after a meal.


Parsley is a biennial that will flower and self-sow in its second year. The umbel flowers of Giant of Italy attracts beneficial insects, and the leaves are food for black swallowtail butterfly larvae. Besides growing well in the garden, I have had success growing Giant of Italy indoors near a sunny window. Zones 5–9.


Height 36 inches. Spacing 8 inches.


Sowing Parsley Seeds: 


Soak seeds overnight. Sow outdoors in spring or fall barely covering the seeds. Space 8 inches apart. Full sun. Self-sows.

Parsley 'Giant of Italy'

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