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Nasturtium 'Alaska Mix'

25 seeds. Tropaeolum majus. Tender Perennial.


Nasturtium 'Alaska Mix' has a mixture of yellow, peach, orange, gold, and red flowers. This mix has unique cream and green variegated leaves. The varigated leaves may burn in the sun, so plant in with afternoon shade in mind. Grown as an annual in cooler climates. Perennial in zone 9–11.


Nasturtium flowers, leaves, and seeds are edible and have a spicy flavor. The flowers make pretty decorations for salads and cupcakes. Immature nasturtium seeds can be pickled to make faux capers.


Height 12 inches. Spacing 10 inches.


Sowing Nasturtium Seeds: 


Soak nasturtium seeds overnight. Sow nasturtium seeds outdoors 1 inch deep 2 weeks before the last frost date. Full sun to part shade.

Nasturtium 'Alaska Mix'

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