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Tomatillo 'Grande Rio Verde'

50 seeds. 85 days. Physalis ixocarpa. Tender perennial, grown as annual.


Tomatillo 'Grande Rio Verde' has large, green fruits that are about 3 ounces each and are enclosed in a papery husk. The husk turns brown and splits open when the fruit is ripe. Use tomatilloes instead of tomatoes in raw or cooked salsas. This Mexican heirloom is a classic choice for salsa verde.


Height 2 feet.


Sowing Tomatillo Seeds:


Sow seeds indoors 7 weeks before the last frost date, 1/4 inch deep. Transplant outside 2 weeks after the last frost date. Space 30 inches apart. Full sun. 

Tomatillo 'Grande Rio Verde'

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